Sporty woman in park exercises in the morning. Beautiful summer day.

Constant variety personal training

Enjoyment is the key to sticking to any exercise program and our goal is to help you do that.

Our personal training programs offer constant variety incorporating many forms of exercise including:

  • bodyweight
  • dumbbell weight training
  • resistance bands
  • kettlebells
  • suspension training
  • slam balls
  • battling ropes
  • boxing for exercise
  • speed, agility and endurance training
  • core exercise, and
  • flexibility training.


And we throw in just the right amount of fun too.


Public group personal training

$20 per hour.


  • Memorial Gardens, Prospect


Refer to timetable for public group session times.


Private personal training (contact Mark to discuss)

At your local park or at home in the comfort of your own surroundings:

One on one: $65 per hour or $50 for 45 mins

2 people: $40 each

3 people: $30 each

4 people: $25 each

5 or more people: $20 each